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All angels wear trenchcoats.

13 September
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Nephilim doesn't usually talk about herself in third person, but is so inclined to do so every so often. Being the lazy mofo that she is, only got around to making this profile recently.

Nephilim, occasionally know as Sam (which is further mangled into Tsamn by real life companions), currently resides in London, England. From this cosy location she is free to stalk (but not, like so many others, fangirl) boosy_woo, through the miracle of modern technology that we have all come to know as "the internet". She has been wandering these plains for little over sixteen years now, living as a professional assassin. Four years ago she took part in the killing of nine innocent people in a small wedding chapel outside of El Paso Texas.

Back on track. Nephilim enjoys the sounds of bands such as AFI, HIM, Assemblage23, The Cruxshadows, London After Midnight, Radiohead, Sentenced, Poisonblack and Jack off Jill, among many others. The other major interests include anime and manga, especially yaoi. In general she is not big on films, but has a increasingly disturbing obsession with The Lion King, Kill Bill, The Crow and Pulp Fiction to the point where medical help has been sought after. However, in protest, she bit the fingers off of the lovely men in white coats.

Nephilim has several problems with people on eljay; those who excessively angst for the point of angst/attention and people who cannot type to save their life. If you fall into the former group, it is most likely that your entries will be skipped, or snarky comments will be left. Yes, Neph is quite the bitch. If you fall in the latter group, there is little point in asking to be added. Other than that, add me, on the condition that you say who you are.